About Nichelle

Nichelle Aiden is an actor, model, and writer currently based out of Utah.  She speaks Ukrainian, ballroom dances, and loves to write.  She was born and grew up in Utah, although lived in Ontario, Canada for three years.  She is the second child of four, and gave her mother the most gray hairs.

Nichelle has appeared in many independent films, commercials, music videos, and industrial videos.  She is also a writer.  She wrote for two newspapers was recently asked to edit a book.  Nichelle has written two screenplays, and is currently working on polishing one of them.  She hopes to find funding and have it filmed in 2012.

When asked why she acts, her response was,

“We are all human, we all feel.  This is my choice of medium to connect with people.  The power of a story with some truth, even just one principle, is incredible.  I act so I can help create stories we all relate to and that make us stop for a second… stop and allow ourselves to experience the simplicity and beauty of these human moments that make us who we are and who we can become.

Every character I become obviously has a lot of me in them.  But it also has the idea, the concept, and the heart of someone else… the possibility of someone else.  The fact that the character is human, knows fear, happiness, pain, love, regret just like I do, like you do, your brother does… that is what makes it so real, so exciting, so tangible.  We all connect with one another and feel one another, no matter how much or positively or negatively.”

When asked why she writes, as well as acts, Nichelle said,

“For the exact same reason.  I write organically, as I like to act.  And writing is a whole new adventure.  It can be surreal.  It can be magical.  It can be a surprise to be the writer.  And how incredible is that?  You sit there with pen and paper (ahem, or laptop and script-writing program) and put a character in a situation and see what happens.  They take on a life of their own, they create the story, and suddenly do things you didn’t expect.  It’s like reading a book and anxiously turning the pages, not knowing what will happen… except you have a little more heart invested.  The characters have a little of your blood, sweat and tears inside them.  When they hurt, you hurt.  When they are happy, your heart leaps, too.”